Our Process

Phase I – Preliminary Fact Gathering

Our process begins with gathering some basic information about each property. Generally, this information includes: property location, block and lot, a property description (size, type of use, breakdown of multiple uses, condition) and income and expense information. We then discuss with valuation experts to compile a preliminary opinion as to whether or not an appeal is warranted and discuss our findings with you on the next best step.

Phase II – Detailed Fact Gathering

To move forward with an appeal or provide a more in-depth analysis, we will need historic property information, including: annual income and expense reports, rent rolls, lease abstracts and recent appraisal reports, if applicable. After completing our revised analysis, we again discuss or findings with you to determine the next best step.

Phase III – Appeal Determination

During our discussions with you we will set forth the options available. They typically include the filing of a formal tax appeal with one or more tax authorities. We will discuss the pros and cons of filing with one tax authority vs. an alternative tax authority. For example, in New Jersey most commercial property owners may final a tax appeal with a County Tax Board or the State Tax Court. We will examine together the reasoning and tactics behind filing with a particular authority. If a formal tax appeal is undertaken, our team will be responsible for timely filing all appeal paperwork with the appropriate authority and proceeding with the case to its completion.

We will also discuss the possibility of an "informal" appeal. In certain jurisdictions, one may approach the tax authority on an informal basis in an effort to negotiate a reduced assessment. As some tax authorities would like to handle certain appeals in this manner, you may have a better result than if a formal appeal was filed.

Also, you may have reasons of your own for not filing a formal appeal or not filing at a particular point in time. We discuss all of these issues before any formal action is taken. You make the final decision.

Please contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to working with you soon.