Business Disputes

Business disputes happen all the time. There is a wide spectrum of disputes that can arise in a business setting. When disputes happen it can be helpful to get some professional assistance. Here are some common examples where we assist clients:

  • Disputes between businesses: Business to business relationships can be very beneficial but these relationships can be complicated and delicate. When disagreements arise between companies they usually involve something larger than a personal dispute between two parties and require some professional mediation or legal action.
  • Partnership disputes: Disputes within the leadership of a company can be almost as sticky to deal with as disputes between companies. Partnerships in business can face irreparable damages when a dispute arises.
  • Breach of contract and breach of financial agreements: A breach of contract or financial agreement is a serious concern for business owners. Contracts are legally binding documents that make agreements which must be upheld, either voluntarily or through legal enforcement. In a breach of contract a legal agreement is not honored by one or more of the involved parties, either through a failure to act or through direct violation of the agreement.